Episode 17: Top 10 Films since 2000

Hello! Today we discuss Hell or High Water, Zootopia (again), and Don’t Think Twice (again). In addition to this we both have lists of our favorite films that have been made since the year 2000. Will we have any of the same movies? What will be our favorite? Tune in and find out! gif from gifsoup.com royalty-free music from bensound.com

Episode 16: General Movie Topics

Hello, neither of us saw the same thing this week so we discuss w hole plethora of topics. The movies we gave each other for this week were Slapshot, and His Girl Friday. Hope you enjoy it! royalty free music from bensound.com Image from http://thephilosophersmail.com/

AFI Episode 6: It Happened One Night

Today we discuss It Happened One Night. So…what happened? Murder? Tax Fraud? Copious amounts of sugar consumption? Or is it a romantic comedy? Join us as we figure out this puzzle. But, spoilers, it’s a romantic comedy. Roylaty-free music from bensound.com Image from http://www.imdb.com

Episode 15: Creature Features

“Hold on to your dookie, its about to get spooky!” -Bender Bending Rodriguez That’s right folks! Its our first spine-tingling, bone-rattling, scare your pants off Creature Feature! We talk about what makes a creature feature, and what some of our favorites are. We discuss such movies as Gremlins, Alien, The Blob, The Thing, The Host, Tremors, and…