Episode 22: A Movie Roundup

Today we catch up on a bunch of movies we have seen in the past month. Enjoy! image from http://retroclt.blogspot.com/ royalty free music from bensound.com

AFI Episode 12: All About Eve

MARILYN MONROE! DECEPTION! Now that I have your attention, I can tell you that we watched the classic All About Eve from 1950. Is this a good film? Or is this one of those questionable calls on the list? I’M LOOKING AT YOU ANNIE HALL! Sorry about that…let’s just roll the podcast. image from http://www.imdb.com royalty-free…

Episode 21: Short and Sweet…kind of.

Taking a page from ‘The Bard’ we use the term younglings so that we don’t have to say dead children in a post. Wait…’The Bard’ isn’t George Lucas? Hm…oh well. Anyway, we talked about three movies today in a rather short episode. These included In Bruges, Akira, and Battleship Potemken. Aiso…all of these movies have dead kids as part…

AFI Episode 11: The African Queen

Hello friends! It’s time to push off the dock, load the boiler, and go down the river on ‘The African Queen’ starring Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. Hopefully some of the scenery is left after Bogart gets through this one! Does this movie sink? Or does it swim? Tune in and find out! Although…I can’t…

Episode 20: Ramblings of Two Bearded Guys

So…yeah, we didn’t really see much. So how about a rambly episode? Yep, today we talk about Youmacon, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and animation, and on and on and on. Oh, and Andy is a bad person and didn’t watch In Bruges so a pox upon his house! Enjoy! royalty free music from bensound.com image…

AFI Episode 10: A Place in the Sun

Well friends, we have another AFI entry. This time we look at Elizabeth Taylor’s A Place in the Lake…oh sorry, I mean, A Place in the Ground. OYE! Sorry. I can get through this. This time we look at Elizabeth Taylor’s A Place in the Sun or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Screw Everyone. HA!…

AFI Episode 9: Platoon

Hello everyone! Today we tackle another AFI entry: Oliver Stone’s Platoon. Is it any good? Tune in and find out! But the answer is yes. image from http://www.imdb.com royalty-free music from bensound.com

Episode 18: Snowden

Hello. The cat flies around the coffee table on the 5th day of the 7th month of an egg salad. That’s a code, wouldn’t want to the NSA to know that we just released a new episode about Oliver Stone’s Snowden.  Wait…well, the cat is out of that bag. Yes we talk about Snowden and we also…

AFI Episode 8: The Manchurian Candidate

Hello! Get out your playing cards and deal up some excitement as we talk about The Manchurian Candidate! Did we like it? Can Duncan manage to pick Frank Sinatra out of a lineup? The answers to these questions and many more await as we breakdown this classic film! image from http://www.imdb.com royalty-free music from bensound.com

Episode 17: Top 10 Films since 2000

Hello! Today we discuss Hell or High Water, Zootopia (again), and Don’t Think Twice (again). In addition to this we both have lists of our favorite films that have been made since the year 2000. Will we have any of the same movies? What will be our favorite? Tune in and find out! gif from gifsoup.com royalty-free music from bensound.com