AFI Episode 6: It Happened One Night

Today we discuss It Happened One Night. So…what happened? Murder? Tax Fraud? Copious amounts of sugar consumption? Or is it a romantic comedy? Join us as we figure out this puzzle. But, spoilers, it’s a romantic comedy. Roylaty-free music from Image from

Episode 15: Creature Features

“Hold on to your dookie, its about to get spooky!” -Bender Bending Rodriguez That’s right folks! Its our first spine-tingling, bone-rattling, scare your pants off Creature Feature! We talk about what makes a creature feature, and what some of our favorites are. We discuss such movies as Gremlins, Alien, The Blob, The Thing, The Host, Tremors, and…

AFI Episode 5: Gold Rush

Hello everyone! Today we discuss Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush. Come join us as we talk about a movie about giant chickens, tipping houses, and eating shoes! royalty free music from image:

Episode 14: The Kong Show

Hello everybody! Welcome to the Kong Show! Today we discuss King Kong (1933) and King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters. We also discuss recently released films including Suicide Squad, and Woody Allen’s Cafe Society. So sit back relax and bask in our discussions and Michael Caine impressions. images from and Royalty-free music from

Episode 13: Ghostbusters and ComicCon Previews

Hello guys and dolls! Today we take a look at the new movie Ghostbusters. We also take a look at previews screened at the San Diego ComicCon. These include Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and The Lego Batman Movie. We also discuss the movies we gave each other which were Field of Dreams and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Spoilers for…

Episode 12: Indie Films and Documentaries (Mostly)

Hello everyone! Today Duncan and Andy go over a vast array of movies. Duncan watched A Fantastic Fear of Everything, X-men: Apocalypse, Don’t Think Twice (Not yet released), Hunt For the Wilderpeople, and Swiss Army Man. Andy watched exclusively documentaries including The Thin Blue Line, Nintendo Quest, Plastic Galaxy, Going Attractions: A History of the Drive-In, 42nd Street: River to River, and Sriracha. Get…

Episode 11: Finding Dory

Hello everyone! Today we take a look at the newest Pixar film Finding Dory. Was it good? Was it bad? Listen and find out! We also take a look at Young Frankenstein, The Fugitive, and The Shallows! Enjoy! Image from Royalty-Free music from

AFI Episode 1: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

Hello! Welcome to the first entry in our new series ‘The Average Film Institute’ where we’re average, but the movies aren’t. We take a look at Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and decide whether or not it belongs on the list. Well does it? Tune in and find out! Image: Royalty free music from…

Episode 10: Pixar and Movie News

Hello children! On today’s show we discuss Anatomy of a Murder, The Trip, and discuss movie news. We also break down a list ranking all of the Pixar Films! Enjoy! Image from Royalty-free music from